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About accommodation business

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We will welcome you with thorough infection prevention measures so that you can relax.


【Accommodation business】

・Capsule rooms  17:00~9:00

・Pivate rooms  18:00~9:00




Last Check-in 24:00

Last Check-out 9:00 the next day

※The entrance is locked at night for security reasons. Please be sure to contact us in case of late check-in.




・Capsule rooms ※”Yuttari Full” plan included

Adult 5,000yen~

※Elementary school students will be charged 80% of the adult price.
※Please note that children in the lower grades of elementary school cannot stay in capsule rooms.


・Private rooms ※”Yuttari Full” plan included


1 person 14,000yen~

2 people 8,000yen~/person

3 people 6,000yen~/person

4 people 5,000yen~/person

※Elementary school students will be charged 80% of the price above.(they count as people)


※”Yuttari-Full” plan (for adults, 1,500 yen on weekdays, 1,700 yen on weekends) does not have a time limit and includes the 3rd floor Onen, the 2nd floor stone sauna, a big stone sauna towel, a bath towel, a face towel, and an indoor wear.




・Online (capsule rooms only)

Rakuten Travel (

The rooms are separated by gender, so please make separate reservations for each man and woman. Please note that it is not possible to pre-select a room in advance. Capsule rooms will be assigned based on the order of check-in on the day, due to system limitations.



E-mail us to info★ or make a phone call +81-479-78-2615.

※Replace “★” with “@”.




・Bathing is available until 23:45. The morning bath is available from 5:00 to 7:45.

・The free shuttle bus runs from 5:00am. Please see the Access page for the timetable.

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    About accommodation business

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