Soranoyu Spa Resort

First Floor & Annex

Restaurant “Ama no Gawa”

1Restaurant “Ama no Gawa”
Hokuso Terrace Area which our facility is located is known for its abundant natural resource, specially rice, various crops and marine products. Our restaurant “Ama no Gawa” specializes in Lunch and Dinner menus using local ingredients from nearby mountains and ocean. We also accept reservations for special occasion such as year-end-parties, reunions, etc.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms01
Conference Rooms02
Conference Rooms03


The conference room is usually opened to the public for free and used for Bouldering and Table Tennis area. It can also be used for meetings, workshops, parties, etc. and has a capacity to accommodate 100 guests in theater setup, 80 guests in classroom setup, 70 guests for banquets and 40 guests for a round table sit down functions. Projectors and Karaoke are available for rent and banners can be ordered. The room can be divided into two separate rooms.

Karaoke “Jet Stream Attack”



The karaoke room has about 10 people in Gaia and about 6 people in Mash.
Ortega can be used as a relaxing “gogoro room”.
You can order food from each room, so you can have a party without worrying about your surroundings.
4Relaxation “Rakuumu”

Relaxation “Rakuumu”

Front Desk

6Front Desk
5Shoe Locker

Shoe Locker

Shoe locker will be locked automatically once the key is pull out.
Use this key for payments inside the facility.

7Luggage Storage

Luggage Storage

You can put also large suitcases and use the security chain for safety.

8Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Many kinds of souvenirs such as peanuts and pickles from Chiba, and anfs and tenuigui(japanese cultural towel) as sovernirs from Japan are available. Mobile batteries and passport holder for those who are going to travel are also available.



Bath only plan have a time limit of 180mins. Time counting will start after you pass the gate machine. If you stay for over 180mins after you pass the gate machine, your plan will automatically become “yuttari” plan and it will incur additional costs. The time of using 1st floor restaurant, conference room, karaoke and body massage is not included.

10Safety Box

Safety Box

A safety box located in 1st floor, in front of the Front Desk, and 2nd floor, near the entrance of stone sauna area.

11Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

The garden was designed by a renowned Japanese Garden designer “Mr. Heiichi Kato”. Many efforts were put into his work at “Soranoyu” and has drawn attention not only domestically but also from overseas countries.

12Anytime Fitness Narita Airport

Anytime Fitness Narita Airport

Visitors are welcome.
【 Business time 】12:00~19:00
※Please E-mail to kurin★ for reservations or inquiry. (Replace “★“ to “@“.)
13Cycle Base “Kurin”

Cycle Base “Kurin”

From beginners to advanced users are welcome to our rental shop.
Mountain bike, tandem bike and road bike, which is very rare at rental bike shop, is available for rent.
It is also an ideal place as a base and resting place for touring.

14BMM(Body Make Maintenance)Sports Massage Center

BMM(Body Make Maintenance)Sports Massage Center

15“Soranoyu” Golf Studio

“Soranoyu” Golf Studio

It can be used for fun-playing game modes and final adjustments before playing the course.

16Hair Salon “Color”

Hair Salon “Color”



Non-facility users can also use it for free.


Smoking Area 1階
Smoking Area 別館

Smoking Area

19NAA Consultation Center

NAA Consultation Center